Our History
Prior to 1900, there were no satisfactory expansive anchoring devices for installations to concrete or masonry. The methods used were to affix a bolt or screw into a pre-drilled hole by plugging in wood, packing sheet lead, pouring molten lead over a bolt head or use of non-expansive, rigid shields. These techniques were comparatively slow, costly in labor and low in performance. In 1916, Ralph S. Pierce patented the original expansion bolt and organized the Chicago Expansion Bolt Corp. to manufacture and sell this unique device. This new, positive method of fastening overcame the prior difficulties and set the pattern for the future. Then, in 1980 Joseph W. Gayton purchased Chicago Expansion Bolt, passing the company onto William Gayton (and he renamed the company Ameribest Fasteners) and then to Daniel and Melanie Gayton in 2006. Through the years, CHICAGO Anchoring Devices have been constantly improved to keep them ahead of the field and to meet changing requirements throughout industry

Our Vision

Today's Expansion Bolt is the outstanding anchor of its type. Its remarkable performance is characteristic of the complete line of CHICAGO products - Maintaining the tradition of leadership laid down by the founder.Our expansion bolts, hook bolts, and No.1 tumble toggles are stronger than comparable products. Their unique designs often save time during installation. Try our bolts for their convenience and dependability during your next installation.